Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Prescription Drugs

The History of Prescription Drugs

The medical industry has undergone major overhauls throughout the course of history. Medicines have been discovered as cures for diseases once thought incurable. People are staying healthier and living longer and medical advancements are...
Binge eating Disorder

ADHD Drug May Help Patients Control Binge-Eating Disorder

A drug used to control ADHD may also help control binge-eating disorder (BED), according to a clinical trial in London. Pharmaceutical group Shire PLC has tested a drug called Vyvanse in an attempt to reduce...
lung cancer

Personalized Medicine Gives New Hope to Lung Cancer Patients

Innovative genetic research is changing the way doctors are treating their patients, especially in the fight against cancer. It is now possible for doctors to look at cancer cases individually by looking at the...

Experts Weigh In on Finasteride as Prostate Cancer Prevention Drug

A decade ago, a drug sold as Proscar by Merck & Co. (and in generic form as Finasteride) was found to cut the risk of prostate cancer, but researchers also noted a slight increase...

New MedSnap App for iPhone Could Boost Medication Safety

MedSnap, LLC has introduced an iPhone app for healthcare providers that employs computer vision technology to identify an entire set of patient medications

EHR May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered to Treat Patient Medication Compliance

EHR may be key to treating patient medication non-compliance.

Pharmacist Job Description, Salary, and Education

The career of a pharmacist blends science and healthcare with one-on-one patient contact, plus a dash of technology and business. In addition to helping patients improve their health through the medications they dispense, pharmacists...