Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Exercise for Aging Patients

Increasing Number of Health Professionals Prescribing Exercise for Aging Patients

Researchers from McMaster’s University in Canada used genetically altered mice to show how regular exercise can drastically reduce aging. The mice were genetically modified to age faster. In the study, some mice were forced...
depression and exercise

Is Exercise the New Antidepressant?

For many patients, the cost of medication to manage major depressive disorders is a hindrance to treatment. In addition to medication cost, negative side effects from prescription drugs and difficult access to consistent mental...
physical therapist

Physical Therapist Job Description, Salary, and Education

Many people who have sought medical care for an injury or debilitating illness have recovered with the help of a physical therapist. Compassionate, and highly educated and trained, these healthcare professionals are in growing...
occupational therapist

Occupational Therapist Job Description, Salary, and Education

Occupational therapists can be found in a variety of settings helping patients who suffer from physical, developmental or emotional conditions. Although their specific duties may vary, occupational therapists share an ultimate objective: helping people...