The fact is that there are hundreds of websites and blogs created for the healthcare community, many with conflicting or competing takes on news, policy and analysis. Trying to utilize the collective resources of each can be both confusing and time-consuming, which is why we have provided this convenient list of prominent, useful healthcare sites to help declutter the process and streamline sharing.

The following are a collection of top healthcare blogs and websites aimed at professionals in health and healthcare, covering all aspects of the industry in real-time. These are the sites that should not be missed.

TEDMED — Dedicated to “ideas worth spreading,” this medical and healthcare website is an arm of the popular TED conference. The site is designed to connect the public and medical professionals through informative and imaginative stories, including the famous TED talk videos.

Modern Healthcare — A leading source for all things related to the health industry (policy, research, business), this healthcare website provides highly regarded in-depth analysis on events, news and trends via the website, but also a weekly print magazine and regular newsletters.

Becker’s Hospital Review — Providing real-time business news with specific analysis relating to hospitals for the executives that run them. Becker’s Hospital Review is also a well-regarded source of legal information and guidance.

Healthcare IT News — An authoritative voice on next-generation healthcare, Healthcare IT News provides information and editorial insights on healthcare technology, policy and the people behind each. It is a popular resource for current, actionable takes in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Health Affairs Blog — A peer-reviewed, nonpartisan health policy journal and forum that encourages reader participation. The Health Affairs Blog focuses on “the intersection of health, health care, and policy.”

Healthcare Finance News — Coined the industry’s business newspaper, the site offers “healthcare financial managers comprehensive news coverage of the unprecedented financial challenges faced by healthcare providers and payers in light of skyrocketing healthcare costs, regulatory developments and diminishing reimbursements.”

Politico Pulse — Providing daily updates with balanced facts, informative analysis and in-depth looks on health care politics and policy. The Politico Pulse healthcare blog is part of the highly respected Politico website.

Health (The New York Times) and Wellness (The Washington Post) — These respective health sections, found in two of the country’s leading newspapers, may appear interchangeable, hence their shared placement on this list; however, considering their vast scope and award-winning journalistic integrity, they work even better as companion pieces.

The Health Care Blog — Covering the business and innovation of the constantly changing health care industry, including national healthcare policy, technology and daily health care news. The Health Care Blog offers frank editorial and opinion on many of the challenges facing healthcare today.

Healthcare Design — Created for architects, designers and administrators, Healthcare Design puts an emphasis on the functionality and sustainability of health care centers, clinics and hospitals. The site offers evidence-based designs to increase overall improvement in patient outcomes and satisfaction, while upholding high design standards.

Did we miss any of your favorite healthcare websites? Please share in the comments below!


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